Ragnhild Reehorst Lereim

  • Postdoc; PhD
  • +47 2278 14 24

Publications 2024

Andresen NK, Røssevold AH, Quaghebeur C, Gilje B, Boge B, Gombos A, Falk RS, Mathiesen RR, Julsrud L, Garred Ø, Russnes HG, Lereim RR, Chauhan SK, Lingjærde OC, Dunn C, Naume B, Kyte JA (2024)
Ipilimumab and nivolumab combined with anthracycline-based chemotherapy in metastatic hormone receptor-positive breast cancer: a randomized phase 2b trial
J Immunother Cancer, 12 (1)
DOI 10.1136/jitc-2023-007990, PubMed 38242720

Lereim RR, Nytrova P, Guldbrandsen A, Havrdova EK, Myhr KM, Barsnes H, Berven FS (2024)
Natalizumab promotes anti-inflammatory and repair effects in multiple sclerosis
PLoS One, 19 (3), e0300914
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0300914, PubMed 38527011

Publications 2022

Røssevold AH, Andresen NK, Bjerre CA, Gilje B, Jakobsen EH, Raj SX, Falk RS, Russnes HG, Jahr T, Mathiesen RR, Lømo J, Garred Ø, Chauhan SK, Lereim RR, Dunn C, Naume B, Kyte JA (2022)
Atezolizumab plus anthracycline-based chemotherapy in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer: the randomized, double-blind phase 2b ALICE trial
Nat Med, 28 (12), 2573-2583
DOI 10.1038/s41591-022-02126-1, PubMed 36482103

Publications 2021

Oveland E, Ahmad I, Lereim RR, Kroksveen AC, Barsnes H, Guldbrandsen A, Myhr KM, Bø L, Berven FS, Wergeland S (2021)
Cuprizone and EAE mouse frontal cortex proteomics revealed proteins altered in multiple sclerosis
Sci Rep, 11 (1), 7174
DOI 10.1038/s41598-021-86191-5, PubMed 33785790

Publications 2020

Guldbrandsen A, Lereim RR, Jacobsen M, Garberg H, Kroksveen AC, Barsnes H, Berven FS (2020)
Development of robust targeted proteomics assays for cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in multiple sclerosis
Clin Proteomics, 17, 33
DOI 10.1186/s12014-020-09296-5, PubMed 32963504

Publications 2019

Burger B, Lereim RR, Berven FS, Barsnes H (2019)
Detecting single amino acids and small peptides by combining isobaric tags and peptidomics
Eur J Mass Spectrom (Chichester), 25 (6), 451-456
DOI 10.1177/1469066719857006, PubMed 31189351

Guldbrandsen A, Farag YM, Lereim RR, Berven FS, Barsnes H (2019)
Essential Features and Use Cases of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteome Resource (CSF-PR)
Methods Mol Biol, 2044, 377-391
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-9706-0_25, PubMed 31432427

Nystad AE, Lereim RR, Wergeland S, Oveland E, Myhr KM, Bø L, Torkildsen Ø (2019)
Fingolimod downregulates brain sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 levels but does not promote remyelination or neuroprotection in the cuprizone model
J Neuroimmunol, 339, 577091
DOI 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2019.577091, PubMed 31739156

Publications 2018

Burger B, Hernández Sánchez LF, Lereim RR, Barsnes H, Vaudel M (2018)
Analyzing the Structure of Pathways and Its Influence on the Interpretation of Biomedical Proteomics Data Sets
J Proteome Res, 17 (11), 3801-3809
DOI 10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00464, PubMed 30251541

Publications 2016

Guldbrandsen A, Farag Y, Kroksveen AC, Oveland E, Lereim RR, Opsahl JA, Myhr KM, Berven FS, Barsnes H (2016)
CSF-PR 2.0: An Interactive Literature Guide to Quantitative Cerebrospinal Fluid Mass Spectrometry Data from Neurodegenerative Disorders
Mol Cell Proteomics, 16 (2), 300-309
DOI 10.1074/mcp.O116.064477, PubMed 27890865

Kroksveen AC, Guldbrandsen A, Vaudel M, Lereim RR, Barsnes H, Myhr KM, Torkildsen Ø, Berven FS (2016)
In-Depth Cerebrospinal Fluid Quantitative Proteome and Deglycoproteome Analysis: Presenting a Comprehensive Picture of Pathways and Processes Affected by Multiple Sclerosis
J Proteome Res, 16 (1), 179-194
DOI 10.1021/acs.jproteome.6b00659, PubMed 27728768

Lereim RR, Oveland E, Berven FS, Vaudel M, Barsnes H (2016)
Visualization, Inspection and Interpretation of Shotgun Proteomics Identification Results
Adv Exp Med Biol, 919, 227-235
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-41448-5_11, PubMed 27975220

Lereim RR, Oveland E, Xiao Y, Torkildsen Ø, Wergeland S, Myhr KM, Sun SC, Berven FS (2016)
The Brain Proteome of the Ubiquitin Ligase Peli1 Knock-Out Mouse during Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
J Proteomics Bioinform, 9 (9), 209-219
DOI 10.4172/jpb.1000408, PubMed 27746629

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