Mariaserena Giliberto

  • Postdoc; PhD
  • +47 2278 1957

Room: K06.062



The primary objective of the PhD project is to develop a new approach to personalized cancer therapy. Differently from other approaches, a transdisciplinary strategy will be applied to implement today’s cancer therapy. The project aims to establish a new pipeline to identify drugs and drug combinations effective in personalized therapy of individual cancer patients, in whom other treatment options are exhausted or ineffective. Novel in-silico mathematical models and simulations will also be applied to investigate the current challenges of tumor heterogeneity and drug resistance mechanisms.
To date, ex vivo drug sensitivity and resistance testing are performed in our lab, with patient cancer cells and patient-derived cell lines for multiple myeloma (MM) and chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL). The drug sensitivity responses are measured by cell viability and death readouts along with relevant cell signaling analysis.


Figure: Drug sensitivity screen pipeline


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