Gender dysphoria in adolescents

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Project description

This project is a qualitative interview-based study, investigating subjective experiences of gender dysphoria (the diagnostic term since 2020 is gender incongruence). The aim is to provide insight into nuanced and diverse experiences of gender dysphoria, in order to develop the understanding of the phenomenon and how it should be treated clinically. The study is supported by Dam Foundation (Stiftelsen Dam), in collaboration with three organizations representing young people living with gender dysphoria.


Local investigators: Reidar Schei Jessen1,2Ira Haraldsen1

National collaborators: Erik Stänicke2, Anne Wæhre3

Partner organisations: Norwegian Council for Mental Health, Queer Youth Norway (Skeiv Ungdom), The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity (FRI), Harry Benjamin Ressurssenter (HBRS)


Investigators' affiliations:

1 Cognitive Health Research Unit
2 Department of Psychology, University of Oslo
3 Women and Children's Division, OUS

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