Ira Ronit Hebold Haraldsen

  • MD, Psychiatrist; PhD
  • +47 23 07 49 20

Primary investigator and head of the CoHR group.

Lina Plataniti

  • Project Manager AI-Mind; Chemical Engineering Diploma, MSc Industrial Ecology

Lina is the Project Manager of the EU-project AI-Mind, 

Cathrine Faye

  • Recruiment coordinator

Cathrine is the recuriment coordinator for the EU-project AI-Mind 


Vebjørn Andersson

  • Research coordinator, EEG technician; BSc

Vebjørn is the research coordinator for the group, and work as a project coordinator for the EU-project AI-Mind


Eva Askvik

  • PhD Student; MSc Psychology

Annette Bondi

  • Neuropsychologist; cand.psychol

Annette is a psychologist working in the AI-Mind study. Her field of interest lies in subjective cognitive decline and cognitive neuroscience 

Mats Tveter

  • PhD student; Master of Science
  • 94899922

Mats is a PhD student working in the EU-project AI-Mind.

Thomas Tveitstøl

  • PhD student; Master of Science
  • 91328712
Thomas is a phd student working in the EU-project AI-Mind.

Ana Perez

  • Phd-student; Cand.psychol

Aksel Spendrup Erichsen

  • PhD student; MD

Lone Holmen

  • Bioengineer; MSc Molecular Biology

Lone is a bioengineer working in the AI-Mind study