Cognitive Health Research group Projects


Neurological disorder

Multi-modal investigation of cognitive and brain network integrity in epilepsy

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A multi-modal investigation of cognitive dysfunction in patients with focal epilepsy. We employ various methods, including source-reconstructed EEG-based connectivity and network integrity, and amyloid PET to assess the relationship between cognitive status and functional brain integrity.


Physiotherapeutical intervention

Pro-LoVe: Somatocognitive therapy vs. best current practice for the treatment of provoked vestibulodynia - a randomized controlled trial

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Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria in adolescents

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A qualitative investigation of subjective experiences of gender dysphoria.



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Gender dysphoria: Worldwide exacerbation, prevalence, and the impact of GnRH treatment on brain development - an investigation in a human and animal model (CONOS)

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