Research projects:

We have several ongoing projects where we collaborate extensively with local and international partners. We are furthermore active associated members of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging in MS Consortium ( ), International MS Genetics Consortium (International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium – IMSGC) and partners and work package leader (Harbo) in Multiple MS (Home - MultipleMS), an EU Horizon 2020 project.

In the MultipleMS (Home - MultipleMS), Prof. Hanne F. Harbo is PI and work package leader. The consortium has more than 20 academic partners and aims at develop novel personalized medicine approaches for MS patients. We are working actively in the MRI working group to be a part of the ongoing and future imaging work related to this project. 

NOR-MS ( ): an ongoing national randomized controlled trail to compare the effect of the off-label drug rituximab against cladribine for use in relapsing remitting MS patients. 

OVERLORD-MS ( ): an ongoing national randomized controlled trail to compare the use of two anit-CD20 drugs (ocrelizumab and rituximab) for newly diagnosed patients with MS. We are the MRI reading center and running the advanced MRI analyses in this project. 

MAGNIMS Consortium ( ): We are leading a project investigating multishell diffusion weighted imaging in MS in normal appearing white matter and in lesions. In addition, we are contributing to several ongoing and previous projects. 

  • Synne Brune: PhD fellow: 
  • Lars L Skattebøl, PhD fellow: Advanced MRI in the clinical study NOR-MS. Supervisors Gro Nygaard, Einar A. Høgestøl, Hanne F Harbo 
  • Hanne F. Harbo, Steffan D. Bos, Pål Berg-Hansen, Tone Berge, Elisabeth G Celius Mona Beyer, Einar A. Høgestøl, Synne Brune, Goran Petrovski, Dragana Drobnjak Nes, Sigrid Aune de Rodez Benavent: MultipleMS - partner in EU Horizon 2020-project (Harbo Oslo PI) 
  • Hanne F. Harbo, Einar A. Høgestøl, Sigrid de Rodez Benavent, Steffan Bos, Tone Berge, Synne Brune, Elisabeth G Celius, Mona Beyer: Sys4MS- Biotek 2021/NFR Project. (Harbo Oslo PI) 
  • Einar A. Høgestøl, Hanne F. Harbo and others: Brain age in MS with Tobias Granberg, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 
  • Einar A. Høgestøl, Hanne F. Harbo, Elisabeth Celius, Piotr Sowa, Mona K Beyer: MAGNIMS collaboration on various MRI projects 
  • Einar A. Høgestøl, Hanne F. Harbo, Elisabeth Celius, Piotr Sowa, Mona K Beyer: NORMENT collaboration on various MRI projects 
  • Gro O. Nygaard, Hanne F Harbo, Einar A. Høgestøl and more: NOR-MS. Norwegian multicenter study of cladribine and rituximab (NOR-MS) 
  • Gro O. Nygaard, Einar Høgestøl, Lars L Skattebøl, Piotr Sowa, Hanne F Harbo, Kristin Wesnes (St Olavs Hospital): 7T MRI in NOR-MS 
  • Gro O. Nygaard, Rigmor Lundby, Einar A. Høgestøl, Mathias Øverås, Hanne F. Harbo: OVERLORD-MS
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