Research projects

The major project axes center around the following:

  • Clinical implications of the functional microbial alterations in PSC and recurrent PSC
  • Identifying exogenous drivers of autoimmunity in the gut microbiome
  • Pharmacomicrobiomics and interventions targeting the gut microbiome
  • The microbiome in heart failure
  • The microbiome in immundeficiencies and their co-morbidities

A key aspect of clinical microbiota medicine is the application of gut microbial profile or circulating markers of microbial activity (i.e. metabolites) as biomarkers of disease or disease activity and severity. Our first full metagenome sequencing project is now being finalized, a tool to identify altered microbial functions in disease and guiding metabolomics efforts. Several interventional studies targeting the gut microbiota have been performed or are ongoing. Such studies may represent proof-of-concept of a direct involvement of the gut microbiota in the disease development and also speed up the process of clinical translation.

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