Malignant mesothelioma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors 
with or without cancer vaccine (the NIPU-study)
 Collaborative partners 


Pharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies against cancer, providing the cancer vaccine UV1 and are supporting some translational analyses (

Bristol Meyer Squibb

Pharmaceutical company providing ipilimumab and nivolumab for the trial ( 


Patient advocate group represented in the study board (

Clinical hospitals including patients to the trial (local PI)

Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway (Åslaug Helland)

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden (Oscar Grundberg)

Lund University Hospital, Lund, Sweden (Ronny Øhman)

The National Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark (Jens Benn Sørensen)

Aalborg University Hospital, Ålborg, Denmark (Weronika Maria Szejniuk)

University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia (Anna Nowak)

Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland (Aija Knuuttila)

Val d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain (Susana Cedres). 

Research partners at Oslo University Hospital

Cecilie E Kiserud, head of The National Advisory Unit for Late Effects After Cancer:

Hege G Russnes, MD head of Molecular pathology for clinical studies

Else Marit Inderberg, Group leader  & Head of Immunomonitoring, Instittue for Cancer Research

Eirik Malinen, Professor of biophysics and medical physics, University of Oslo and OUH

Mona Elisabeth Revheim, Associate Professor of nucelear medicine

Eivor Hernes, MD nuclear medicine

Tero Aittokallio, head of Computational Systems Medicine in cancer

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