What data is included in a health economic evaluation?

Data in a health economic evaluation could entail the cost of a drug, direct personnel cost, indirect cost of productivity loss of a patient, QALYs, reduced complications, tumour shrinkage, mortality etc. A model for health economic evaluation also includes rates and probabilities, for instance probabilities related to moving from one health state to another and associated mortality risks. It also includes relative risks and adverse events associated with the compared treatment(s) or programme(s) specific to the group of patients. To be able to have an insight into alternative courses of action in terms of both costs from treatments or programmes, the included data should be comparative data. This implies that to be able to conduct a health economic evaluation, there should be data to compare the new treatment or programme with to create a baseline, for example another similar treatment/programme or no treatment/programme, if the intervention is entirely new for instance. 

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