Research projects

Ongoing projects / research:

  • ASAC study; A randomized controlled Multicenter study for the effect of adjuvant ASA following resection of colorectal liver metastases (Bjørnbeth and Yaqub)
  • LIGRO study; A randomized controlled trial comparing conventionaltwo stage hepatectomy (TSH) and associating liver partition and portal vein ligation in staged hepatectomy (ALPPS) (Røsok and Bjørnbeth)
  • COMET study (follow up) As singel center randomized study comparing open and laparoscopic resection for colorectal liver metastases (Fretland and Edwin)
  • SMART project with Professor Ragnhild Lothe (full genome sequencing of colorectal metastases. (Bjørnbeth, Røsok, Brudvik)
  • Prehabilitationand alternative analgesia in HPB Surgery (Lassen)

Planned research / long term objectives for the group:

Ensure adequate research infrastructure and financing to make sure that clinical and translational hepatobiliary research activity becomes an integrated part of all aspects of the day to day practice in our department.

Short about strategy to succeed with planned research / long term objectives:

The group is still under development. However, the grants awarded to our group the last year has contributed to the establishment of necessary research infrastructure including registries, research assistants and nurses. We have recently completed two major clinical trials address key issues in liver surgery (ALPPS and laparoscopic liver resection). We are currently putting all our effort in the ASAC trial but continuously work on hypotheses for new RCTs. Our clinical department is a major provider of surgical specimens necessary for translational research. We therefore focus on close partnership with several key research groups within the field of molecular medicine and tumor genetics.

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