Improving treatment of peritoneal metastasis with nanoparticles

A challenge with drugs given intraperitoneally is the short exposure time achieved with cytotoxic drugs as they are rapidly absorbed from the peritoneal cavity. It is therefore a need for therapeutic approaches that enable high drug concentrations combined with prolonged residence time of chemotherapeutics in the peritoneal cavity to improve the anti-tumor activity. 

To achieve this, we have in collaboration with SINTEF developed and investigated novel nanoparticles encapsulating the taxane cabazitaxel (PACAB). We have previously shown that our PACAB nanoparticles can reduce tumor growth, increase survival of mice and increase drug accumulation in tumor compared to free drug (link). 

In our new project, IMPERIO, we will investigate how the PACAB nanoparticles affect tumor growth   in immunocompetent mice with ovarian cancer.


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