Adam Filipczyk

  • Project group leader; Ph.D.
  • +47 23 07 40 68

Publications 2016

Feigelman J, Ganscha S, Hastreiter S, Schwarzfischer M, Filipczyk A, Schroeder T, Theis FJ, Marr C, Claassen M (2016)
Analysis of Cell Lineage Trees by Exact Bayesian Inference Identifies Negative Autoregulation of Nanog in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Cell Syst, 3 (5), 480-490.e13
DOI 10.1016/j.cels.2016.11.001, PubMed 27883891

Hilsenbeck O, Schwarzfischer M, Skylaki S, Schauberger B, Hoppe PS, Loeffler D, Kokkaliaris KD, Hastreiter S, Skylaki E, Filipczyk A, Strasser M, Buggenthin F, Feigelman JS, Krumsiek J, van den Berg AJ, Endele M, Etzrodt M, Marr C, Theis FJ, Schroeder T (2016)
Software tools for single-cell tracking and quantification of cellular and molecular properties
Nat Biotechnol, 34 (7), 703-6
DOI 10.1038/nbt.3626, PubMed 27404877

Hoppe PS, Schwarzfischer M, Loeffler D, Kokkaliaris KD, Hilsenbeck O, Moritz N, Endele M, Filipczyk A, Gambardella A, Ahmed N, Etzrodt M, Coutu DL, Rieger MA, Marr C, Strasser MK, Schauberger B, Burtscher I, Ermakova O, Bürger A, Lickert H, Nerlov C, Theis FJ, Schroeder T (2016)
Early myeloid lineage choice is not initiated by random PU.1 to GATA1 protein ratios
Nature, 535 (7611), 299-302
DOI 10.1038/nature18320, PubMed 27411635

Klungland A, Dahl JA, Greggains G, Fedorcsak P, Filipczyk A (2016)
Reversible RNA modifications in meiosis and pluripotency
Nat Methods, 14 (1), 18-22
DOI 10.1038/nmeth.4111, PubMed 28032624

Sowińska N, Frankowska K, Filipczyk A, Adamaszek A, Nalik K, Fic K, Pietsch-Fulbiszewska A (2016)
The effect of cumulus cells on domestic cat (Felis catus) oocytes during in vitro maturation and fertilization
Reprod Domest Anim, 52 Suppl 2, 108-113
DOI 10.1111/rda.12895, PubMed 27905152

Publications 2015

Filipczyk A, Marr C, Hastreiter S, Feigelman J, Schwarzfischer M, Hoppe PS, Loeffler D, Kokkaliaris KD, Endele M, Schauberger B, Hilsenbeck O, Skylaki S, Hasenauer J, Anastassiadis K, Theis FJ, Schroeder T (2015)
Network plasticity of pluripotency transcription factors in embryonic stem cells
Nat Cell Biol, 17 (10), 1235-46
DOI 10.1038/ncb3237, PubMed 26389663

Publications 2013

Filipczyk A, Gkatzis K, Fu J, Hoppe PS, Lickert H, Anastassiadis K, Schroeder T (2013)
Biallelic expression of nanog protein in mouse embryonic stem cells
Cell Stem Cell, 13 (1), 12-3
DOI 10.1016/j.stem.2013.04.025, PubMed 23827706

Publications 2005

Pébay A, Wong RC, Pitson SM, Wolvetang EJ, Peh GS, Filipczyk A, Koh KL, Tellis I, Nguyen LT, Pera MF (2005)
Essential roles of sphingosine-1-phosphate and platelet-derived growth factor in the maintenance of human embryonic stem cells
Stem Cells, 23 (10), 1541-8
DOI 10.1634/stemcells.2004-0338, PubMed 16081668

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