Comparative Effectiveness and New Targets


Clinical trials usually take place under the auspices of the pharmaceutical industry. When a new drug comes on the market it is usually uncertain how the new drug works compared to older drugs already in clinical use.

Our research revolves around examining active comparisons of two or more drugs to analyze clinical drug effects (both benefits and harm). We use clinical trials and register studies to explore drug effectiveness.

The group is also studying the cellular mechanisms for identifying possible new points of attack for drug therapy. Here is the main focus on new targets within cancer and type-2 diabetes.


  • Comparative clinical drug effects
  • Follow-up of long-term effects of drug use in registry studies
  • Cellular mechanisms possible attack points for drug treatment of cancer and type-2 diabetes

International Collaborations

2016-20 Lead partner in EUnetHTA WP4 in Joint Action 3 (Budget Euro 20 Mill)

2017-22 Participant in Clinical Effectiveness Reviews (CICER) (Budget Euro 2.25 Mill)

Group Leader

Marianne Klemp
Department of Pharmacology
Tel: +4793419895

Group Members

Monika Aasrum, Pharmacology/UiO,
Hege Thoresen, Pharmacology/UiO,
Caroline Binde, Pharmacology/UiO,
Bent Natvig, Mathematics/UiO,
Tor Skomedal, Pharmacology/UiO,
Jørund Gåsemyr, Mathematics/UiO, jø

Associated Group Members

Tone Westergren, RELIS/OUS,
Sigrid Narum, Psykopharmacology/Diakonhjemmet,
Ingunn Fride Tvete, Norsk Regnesentral,

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