Fellow project

Adult joint reconstruction fellowship

Center of Implant and Radiostereometric Research Oslo fellowship in:

Adult reconstruction and Research: Hip and Knee



Clinically: Adult joint reconstruction and revision surgery.

Research: Joint biomechanics, kinematics, evaluation of bone turnover, new materials

and surgical techniques in adult reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee


Background of Fellowship

The Oslo University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Scandinavia. The adult

reconstruction section focuses on the management of hip and knee replacement.

Fellows gain experience in the use of cementless implants and of implants inserted

with modern cementing techniques for primary total hip and knee replacements.

Surgery is performed with standard and MIS technique in primary hip reconstruction

and techniques of acetabular and femoral reconstruction. Complex primary and

revision arthroplasty in the hip and knee touching modern and well established

techniques such as the use of impaction bone grafting or artificial structural bone

substitutes are performed. Custom made prosthesis and surgical cutting blocks to

improve precision are in clinical use and objective of research projects.

The Unit also has a very active research group with focus on joint biomechanics,

bone turnover, surgical techniques and new materials (Center of Implant and

Radiostereometric Research Oslo = CIRRO, https://www.ous-research.no/cirro/.). The

group has a wide network of collaborators nationally and internationally. Further,

there is close collaboration with all Scandinavian registries.


Aim of fellowship

The MD will have the opportunity to learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills in

diagnosing and treating degenerative joint disorders. The MD also has the

opportunity to acquire the basics of standard RSA or dynamic RSA as well as DEXA.

Fellows will be assigned specific research projects during their fellowship. It is

expected to prepare a manuscript during the course of the fellowship.


Language: English

Period of fellowship: 12 months

Number of Fellowships per semester: 1

Sponsoring Organization: CIRRO

Financial support during fellowship: CIRRO will pay for the living quarters as well as

an office at the Oslo university RSA Research lab. Cost of living + travel expenses

must be covered by the fellow.



Applicants must hold qualifications enabling licensing with the Medical Board of


CIRRO fellowship 1/23/15


Prerequistes for application: The doctor must have completed their major clinical

teaching in a registered medical school and completed their residency.


Applications should be directed to: Stephan M Röhrl, MD, PhD


Email s.m.rohrl@medisin.uio.no


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