Congratulations to Yasser Rehman with his PhD defence

Prøveforelesning “Implant-related infections – diagnostics and treatment”.



Many thanks to the committee:

First opponent: Professor Jörg Lützner, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Germany

Second opponent: Professor Maiken Stilling, AUH - Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Third member and chair of the evaluation committee: Professor Hanne Solveig Dagfinrud, University of Oslo

Professor Lars Nordsletten, University of Oslo, chair of the defence. 

August 28-31, 2024, Nashville,Tennessee. ISTA 2024 – The 35th International Congress.

Insertion symposium for Prof. Stephan Röhrl


   Lars Nordsletten head of research                 Bernhard Flatøy, former PhD-student of Stephan                       Stian Svenøy and Bernhard


            Rolf Riise, head of OPK                                 Lars Engseth, PhD-student                Frank D. Øhrn, PhD at Kristiansund hospital                                                                                                                                       



     CIRRO-group members                                              Marte T. Magnusson                  The prosthesis unit






Prof. Stephan Röhrl gave a talk about his career and future thoughts as a professor.

He was greatful for this symposium and would like to thank Lars Nordsletten for arranging it, all the speakers and everyone who attended.                      


Torsdag 7. desember kl 1430 i Grønt auditorium i Patologibygningnen Markering av Stephan Röhrls professorat


1430 Innledning Klinikkleder Rolf Riise
1435 Forskning sammen med UiO Professor Lars Nordsletten
1450 PhD med Stephan Overlege Frank David Øhrn
1505 PhD med Stephan Overlege Bernhard Flatøy
1520 Pause
1540 Veiledning av Stephan PhD kandidat Lars Engseth
1555 Professor Röhrl 
1630 Slutt





Visitor Lapo Nardoni (Rome, Italy. Erasmus student)

As a high school student, the time I spent doing an internship at the Department of Radiology and the Department of Orthopedics at Oslo University Hospital was a total game-changer for my early journey and greatly fueled my aspiration to study medicine.

Working alongside a wonderful team of consultants, residents, and radiographers, I absorbed a wealth of knowledge. Instead of remaining on the sidelines, they always found a way to involve me in surgeries, where they not only provided thorough and understandable explanations but also entrusted me with small tasks that made me feel like a valued member of the group. Learning this way was incredibly easy and enjoyable. This was all in all a remarkable experience not only medical-wise but also on a social level.

The time I spent there was truly delightful, as I had the chance to meet and connect with amazing individuals. The memories and lessons from that period are ones I will treasure forever. For anyone intrigued by these fields, I wholeheartedly recommend seeking out a similar experience!