Postdoctoral position

One Postdoctoral position (Helse Sør-Øst) is available for 3 years, from September 1st 2019, in the Translational Research and Immunomonitoring Group at the Department of Cellular Therapy (PI: Dr. Sébastien Wälchli), Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Radiumhospitalet. Our focus is the development of new immunotherapy treatments against cancer. This includes the pre-clinical and clinical development and testing of enhanced cancer vaccines, adoptive T-cell therapy (TCR, CAR) and the improvement of cellular therapy for increased resistance to the microenvironment. After more than four years of activity, our results have already generated numerous patent applications, scientific publications, the establishment of a biotech company (Zelluna Immunotherapy AS) and the launching of a clinical protocol of T-cell therapy (NCT03431311). Questions about the position can be sent to the following e-mail address:   

Detailed ad can be found here and Nature ad here.

Deadline for candidacy has been extended until 15/08/2019.