Research engineer in Immunomonitoring and Immunotherapy development

This is a limited term appointment with funding for this post expected to be available for a period of 15 months from February 2022 in the first instance with the possibility of extension. The candidate will be under the supervision of Dr. Else Marit Inderberg (group leader).

Job description/Project description

The successful candidate will integrate a collaborative international scientific team working on immunomonitoring in clinical trials and developing novel cancer immunotherapies.
The work entails culturing processing patient samples, isolating T cells, performing immunological assays including flow cytometry and mass cytometry, cytokine measurements, proliferation assays.
Furthermore, the candidate will contribute in pre-clinical projects by optimising T cell culture and engineering with immune receptors such as T cell receptors (TCR) and chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) as well as setting up potency assays to measure the efficacy of novel therapies.
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Two Postdoctoral Research Scientist positions

We are looking for two highly motivated Postdoctoral researchers to join our team for 3 years at the Translational Research Unit (PIs: Dr. Sébastien Wälchli and Dr. Else Marit Inderberg).

Job description/Project description
The successful candidates will integrate a collaborative international scientific team developing novel cancer immunotherapies. The project funded by the Research Council of Norway is carried out in collaboration with SINTEF, Thermo Fisher and Oslo Cancer Cluster, aiming to define optimal growth conditions for improved manufacturing of therapeutically active T cells for cancer treatment.
The project is oriented towards translational research and process development, and the candidate will therefore be in contact with academic and industry partners. Project partner SINTEF provides extensive infrastructure for high-throughput screening and bioprocess development (including liquid handlings robots, microbioreactor systems), that will be utilized to evaluate cell therapy growth conditions. Occasional travelling and stays at the site of SINTEF in Trondheim will be expected.
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