Christopher Forcados

  • PhD Student; Msc
  • +47 22 78 23 16



2018-2020: Master degree in Biology-Health, specialty: Cellular Microenvironment and Pathologies, University URCA, Reims, France

2013-2017: Bachelor degree in Life Sciences, Specialty: Cell Biology and Physiology of Organisms, University of Strasbourg, France


Research interests/projects:

Cancer immunotherapy, novel cellular therapies (CARs, engineered TCRs), immunomonitoring, vaccination


Work experience:

October 2020-Present: Assistant engineer

January-May 2020: Intern, Analysis of the TCR sequence of vaccine-ellicited T cells to study brain tumor homing, Cancer Immunotherapy group, Departement of medecine, University of Geneva, Switzerland

April-May 2019: Intern Transduction characteriyation of MIA-PaCa-2, MEDyC group, University Of Reims (URCA), France

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