New publication on in vivo CAR experiments

Very happy to share our technical report in Methods in Cell Biology describing our protocols to prepare and test CAR Tc in vivo. A special thanks to our former colleagues Anne Fåne and Marit Myhre for their fantastic work over the years!

Fig. 5 

Chapter 9 - In vivo experimental mouse model to test CD19CAR T cells generated with different methods

Anne Fåne*, Marit Renée Myhre*, Else Marit Inderberg, and Sébastien Wälchli


Pre-clinical evaluation of CAR T cells includes procedures testing T-cell efficacy and safety in as close to real world conditions as possible. An important step in efficacy testing is the in vivo study, most often using immunodeficient murine models into which both the poison and the cure are injected; namely a human cancer cell line and genetically modified human T cells. The capacity of the T cells to control the cancer progression will provide information about the CAR T-cell efficacy. We here provide a protocol to test CAR T cells in vivo using the validated anti-B-cell marker CD19CAR and an aggressive lymphoma model.

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