The Translational Research Unit will present some papers at the Immunology Journal Club on Friday 4th of September 2020 !

Hakan Köksal will present: Designed protein logic to target cells with precise combinations of surface antigens (Marc J. Lajoie et al., 2020) (

Nadia Mensali will present: An RNA vaccine drives immunity in checkpoint-inhibitor-treated melanoma ( Ugur Sahin et al., 2020) (

The Zoom link will be uptaded soon, make sure to schedule this event in your agenda !

Zelluna Immunotherapy receives NOK 83 million from investors and the Research Council of Norway to continue its work on a new form of cancer immunotherapy. Based on a licence from Else Marit Inderberg and Sebastien Wälchli’s group at Oslo University Hospital, the company is developing natural killer cells that are steered by T cell receptors. The aim is to offer different forms of targeted immunotherapy treatments that do not have to be individually tailored for each patient.
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