The Translational Research Unit has licensed NK-TCR to Zelluna Immunotherapy

The Norwegian biotech Zelluna Immunotherapy, based on a licence from our Translational Research Unit (Group leaders: Else Marit Inderberg and Sebastien Wälchli's group), received NOK 83 million to pursue their development on TCR-redirected NK cells !

We are very happy that an innovation developped five years ago by the early team (G. Gaudernack, G. Kvalheim, EM Inderberg and S. Wälchli) is now being developed as a therapeutic product. We thank our co-workers for their hard work, Inven2 for their support in the commercial development, and NFR, Helse Sør-Øst and Kreftforeningen  for their financial support and guidance.  

The team in Boston concluded that lobster is better than business:

The concept (with the old name):

Design: P. Dillard

Find more about this here !

Zelluna Immunotherapy receives NOK 83 million from investors and the Research Council of Norway to continue its work on a new form of cancer immunotherapy. Based on a licence from Else Marit Inderberg and Sebastien Wälchli’s group at Oslo University Hospital, the company is developing natural killer cells that are steered by T cell receptors. The aim is to offer different forms of targeted immunotherapy treatments that do not have to be individually tailored for each patient.
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