Polar self-organization of dynamic epithelial monolayers.

The capacity of epithelial monolayers to autonomously adopt a dynamic polarized state plays a crucial role in tissue regeneration, developmental processes, and tumor progression. We have developed a novel experimental approach aimed at investigating the self-organizing potential of epithelial monolayers. In these experiments cell monolayers undergo a transition from a disordered and static state in quiescence to a dynamic state characterized by extensive long-range polar alignment when exposed to growth factors. Our research reveals that this self-organizing phenomenon hinges on the formation and subsequent dissolution of dynamic topological defects, which carry +1 and -1 charges.

Link to paper:

Lång E, Lång A, Blicher P, Rognes T, Dommersnes PG, Bøe SO (2024)
Topology-guided polar ordering of collective cell migration
Sci Adv, 10 (16), eadk4825
DOI 10.1126/sciadv.adk4825, PubMed 38630812


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