Laser Micro-Dissection

Zeiss PALM CombiSystem (laser capture microdissection)

Laser capture microdissection microscopy allows the user to physically dissect (<1µm) and isolate single cells from tissue sections or cultured cells. The unit is a Zeiss PALM CombiSystem equipped for non-contact microdissection combined with bright-field or fluorescence microscopy.

PALM CombiSystem works with a cutting laser and a trapping laser. The cutting laser, a frequency-tripled solid-state laser (FTSS, wavelength: 355nm) with a high beam quality, is coupled via the epifluorescence path into a research microscope and focused through the objective. The microscope unit is also equipped with a cell incubation system.

The Zeiss PALM CombiSystem also includes a Micro Tweezer laser unit which houses a trapping laser (diode-pumped solid-state laser (Nd:YAG, wavelength: 1064nm)) and it has all the necessary optics to guide the laser into the microscope. It is equipped with double beam; one beam fixed, second beam moveable in XY direction. Depending on the applied objective the laser focus can reach less than one micrometer in diameter.

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