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Prevention of violence 

      Voldsprosjektet I

      Voldsprosjektet II


Overlege Bjørn Magne Eriksen

Overlege Bjørn Magne Eriksen


ECT: A quality register 

Overlege Magritt Ræder


TMS project

Overlege Elsebeth Dyrø


Suicid project

Psykolog Asbjørn Kolseth


Bredt samtykke

Overlege Ingrid Dieset

2017/1890 19/08637

AKU Sleep

Psykolog Erling Fyhn


Corona-19 and patients

Overlege Ingrid Dieset/Ann Færden


Corona-19 and staff

Overlege Ingrid Dieset/ Ann Færden


Trygg søvn/Safe sleep

Overlege Ann Færden


Intervention in acute crisis

Sykepleier Brynhild Olafsdottir/Astrid Subra


Simulation projects

Sykepleier Lars Løvhaug/Nils Davik/Carine Hervig


Violence  I and I I: We are in planning of a last paper from the Violence I data set: By merging two larger datasets from acute psychiatry (N=1500), we investigate unpublished data on Violence risk screening - 10 (V-RISK-10). We examine if "don't know" - recordings may predict inpatient and post-discharge violence, including subgroups of patients such as gender and diagnoses. Violence II is in cooperation with SIFER-Sør-Øst.  

ECT register: The  ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) register was established in 2018. We systematically register technical and clinical data related to ECT treatment  in the department. The aim is to  get an overview of the treatment´s effect, any side effects and personal experience of receiving the treatment. In this way we want to ensure the quality of the ECT treatment and create a basis for research and collaboration with other hospitals that provide ECT. 

TMS project: The project is under development and will study effect of TMS using different methods for point of applying the coil. This is in cooperation with the Department for research and Intervention and University of Groningen. 

Suicide project : Follow up of suicide and suicide attempts during hospital stay  and 3 months after discharge. 

Bredt samtykke: Upon discharge, all patients admitted to the Department of Acute Psychiatry who are able to give informed consent are asked to give a broad consent allowing us to systemize clinical information from hospital records for quality improvement and research purposes. Relevant clinical information is anonymized before being entered into a database (eReg) at Oslo university hospital. The overall goal is to gather knowledge about potential causes underlying psychiatric disorders and develop new and better treatment methods. 

AKU sleep:  The main aim of the current project is to develop and implement a sustainable and effective treatment method for sleep disturbances based on the principals of CBT for Insomnia and tailor made for psychotic patients with a high load of psychotic and affective symptoms in an acute ward setting with limited access to clinical psychologists and/or psychiatrists. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, by applying this treatment approach we aim at reducing the patients’ discomfort due to heavy symptom load and promote recovery. Finally, we aim at showing that this is a cost effective treatment that represents minimal risk for adverse effects. 

Corona-19 and  patients: Aim of project: We developed a questionnaire together with our user respresentatives that was given to all patients during the first weeks after the Covid-19  pandemic reached Norway and asked about their reaction to the situation. We have analyzed the data. Results have been used for internal quality improvements and has been accepted for publication.  We have continued with the Q for the rest of the year to see how the situation develops.    

Corona-19 and staff: Aim of project: The aim of the project was to get knowledge of the employees’ reaction to the Corona pandemic during the first weeks and after 6 months. We developed a questionnaire that was distributed to all. Results are analyzed and submitted for publishing (see above) as well as for internal quality work.   

Safe night: Aim of project. The aim of the project is to test if a radar sensor securely can monitor breathing and movement out of bed at night and give adequate signal when attention from staff is needed.  

Acute crisis intervention: The project » «Behandlingsløft for pasienter i krise» is aimed at patients in acute crisis admitted to the acute psychiatric department. The patients are offered a structural intervention based on CBT over 2 -3 days with the intention of helping patients to positive coping strategies and stabilize the crisis before discharge. The project is in process of evaluating the intervention. 

Simulation projects: The department has two medical simulation projects. One is focusing on student nurses and the best method of introducing clinical work in an acute psychiatric setting. This is in the process of being evaluated in cooperation with The Oslo Met University. The other one aims at increasing the competence of communication between nurses and young doctors. 

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