The Oslo Acute Revascularization Stroke Study

The Oslo Acute Revascularization Stroke Study

Sponsor: Oslo University Hospital

Protocol number: REK 2015/1844                                    

Study Design: The study is an observational prospective study of acute ischemic stroke patients with proximal cerebral artery occlusion admitted to Oslo University Hospital for endovascular treatment.

Primary Objective:

  • To assess the clinical outcome of endovascular intervention in acute ischemic stroke patients in relation to time window, clinical severity, age, comorbidity and findings on brain MRI, including MR perfusion.

Secondary Objectives:

  • To assess the differences in the clinical outcome of endovascular therapy in patients admitted directly to the intervention center compared to patients from referral hospitals.
  • To assess pre-endovascular intervention logistics in order to identify unnecessary time-consuming procedure or actions.
  • To compare the effect of endovascular therapy on clinical outcome in patients who have received pretreatment with IV thrombolysis compared to those without pretreatment.
  • To assess the costs, quality of life and functional level in patients treated with endovascular intervention.
  • To assess the degree of poststroke inflammation and thrombotic activity using plasma biomarkers.
  • To relate degree of inflammation biomarkers in plasma to clinical outcome.

Number of Subjects: 200

Duration of Study: participation 24 months, follow-up period 12 months, total study duration 28 months

Study Centers:

  • Oslo University Hospital

Primary Endpoints:

  • 90-day global disability assessed with the blinded evaluation of the modified Rankin scale (mRS).

Secondary Endpoints:

  • Clinical Endoints
  • Safety Endpoints
  • Health Economic Evaluation:
  • Resource use


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