Translational studies on solid tumours

Our research group focuses on translational studies on solid tumours, with a special interest in pancreatic cancers, lung cancers, ovary cancers and colorectal cancers. We do whole genome analyses on patient material, aiming at identifying predictive and prognostic biomarkers as well as more targeted analyses for the identification of pathways and immune mechanisms of interest. We are analysing mRNA, miRNA, DNA, methylation, glycosylation, mutations and proteins. By increasing the understanding of the underlying biology of tumour development, we aim at improving cancer patient care. We run clinical studies and many of our molecular projects include material from patients included in clinical studies. We have extensive clinical and follow-up data from all patients.

The group is multidisciplinary, consisting of researchers,, PhD-students, engineers master students and study nurse. The educational background of our group members is both medicine, biotechnology, biology and nursing. The group has two research project groups led by Vilde Drageset Haakensen and Elin H Kure.