Translational studies on solid tumours

Our research group specializes in translational and clinical studies of solid tumors, particularly focusing on cancers of the lung, pancreas, ovary, and colorectum. We are dedicated to identifying and validating prognostic (related to disease progression) and predictive (related to treatment response) biomarkers, as well as unraveling the biological mechanisms underlying resistance to treatment.

We adopt a comprehensive approach that utilizes advanced techniques across various levels, including blood and tissue samples, through DNA and RNA sequencing, computational pathology, and cutting-edge machine/deep learning methods. Our collection also includes flow cytometry, RNA scope, digital spatial immune profiling, T-cell repertoire analysis, cytokine measurements, gut microbiota analysis, and multiplex immunohistochemistry. The investigation of immune responses and resistance mechanisms is furthered by sequential biopsies, imaging, and comprehensive genomic/transcriptomic profiling.

Through initiating national clinical trials, we aim to further validate newly discovered response and resistance biomarkers. Our ultimate goal is to reduce side effects and improve the efficacy of treatments, thereby enhancing patient care.

The group is multidisciplinary, consisting of researchers,, PhD-students, engineers master students and study nurse. The educational background of our group members is both medicine, biotechnology, biology and nursing.

The group has two research project groups, led by Vilde Drageset Haakensen and Elin H Kure.