Welcome to Gregor Gilfillan’s project group: Functional Genomics Group

Gregor Gilfillan
Gregor Gilfillan

The group runs AMG’s high-throughput sequencing core facility, which sequences samples from all over Norway (over 11,000 samples in 2021), and specializes in handling low-input samples. In addition, group members have a wide range of molecular biology experience from earlier work in the fields of genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry and microbiology. They bring these skills to bear in the application of functional assays (hence the group name) to verify uncertain or novel genetic findings by looking at cells, DNA, RNA and proteins. The group therefore works tightly with clinical geneticists to solve tricky cases where regular diagnostic procedures have been unsuccessful.

In addition, the group is currently running COVID-19 genomic sequencing under contract from the Norwegian Institute of Public health (www.fhi.no), to exploit the sequencing capacity at AMG. Genomic surveillance allows tracking of known variants, and discovery of new variants as they arise. The group sequenced over 47,000 COVID-19 genomes in 2021!

Photos: Bård Gudim AS

Contact information

Gregor Gilfillan - gregorg@medisin.uio.no
Visiting /postal address: Dept. Medical Genetics, Building 25, 2nd floor (North), Ullevål Hospital, Kirkeveien 166, 0450 Oslo