Center for Clinical Heart Research

Center for Clinical Heart Research

The group primarily performs researcher-initiated clinical trials within the field of atherothrombotic cardiovascular disease.

Center for Clinical Heart Research is an interdisciplinary research group. We primarily perform researcher-initiated clinical trials accompanied by systematic biobanks for translational research on mechanisms within the field of atherothrombotic cardiovascular disease. 

Main concept

We work on systematic researcher-initiated clinical and translational research in cardiology, along with patient "loops" in OUH, situated at Ullevål, in collaboration with other milieus.

We perform projects related to acute myocardial infarction and chronic heart disease, including diabetes, heart failure, ageing and atrial fibrillation.

A central part of our activity is biobanking with standardized procedures for sample collection, processing and storage. 

Longterm goals

  • to increase understanding of disease mechanisms, pathogenetic factors, including lifestyle factors, as well as effects of interventions in patients with cardiovascular disease states
  • to further expand on translational research in light of new knowledge by use of new technology in material from extended biobanking
  • to constitute a dynamic research group with highly motivated participants where group adherence and common efforts lead to progression - for the research group as well as for the individual researcher (Team building for individual excellence)
  • to exert research of high international quality, aiming at publications in high rated international journals
  • to create an arena for scientific discussions, and for focused and structured research supervision and teaching
  • to educate competent PhD candidates and others who contribute to academic skill in clinical medicine and research
  • to contribute to extended research skill on a post doc level
  • to strengthen collaboration with national and international research groups

About the group

"Team building for individual excellence"

The Research Center, established in 1991, is based on clinical trials accompanied by laboratory related substudies on mechanisms within the field of atherothrombotic cardiovascular disease.

Central localization in Department of Cardiology allows an optimal function for clinical research in Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål.


Harald Arnesen: 50 years with randomized clinical studies – A Fascinating Scientific Journey


Department of Cardiology
Medicine (Building 3) 1st floor
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