The Section of Cellular Therapy

Welcome to the Department of Cellular Therapy which is home to one of Europe’s biggest and most modern GMP facilities for cellular products. The large scale GMP-certified T-cell culture technique developed at this facility also constitutes the backbone for the planned Phase I/II clinical trials in adoptive cellular therapy.


Dag Josefsen, MD PhD

Head of Department

Translational Research Unit

The Research lab (Group leaders: E.M. Inderberg and S. Wälchli) has the capacity to undertake complete pre-clinical studies for immunotherapeutic molecules such as vaccines and adoptive T cell transfer (TCR, CAR). It possesses the competence to deliver molecular biology products isolated from patient material (TCR), to perform cellular assays and in vivo animal studies. Finally, innovative tools are also developed in collaboration with academy and private companies.

The Immunomonitoriung Unit (Head: E.M. Inderberg) is a heritage from the former research group of Prof. G. Gaudernack and was included in the Department of Cellular Therapy in 2012. It participated to both academic and industrial trials, more information can be found here

Our labs are located at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator OCCI


Two new papers from/in collaboration with our group

Paper 1:

Targeting KRAS mutations with HLA class II-restricted TCRs for the treatment of solid tumors

Pierre Dillard, Nicholas Casey, Sylvie Pollmann, Patrik Vernhoff, Gustav Gaudernack, Gunnar Kvalheim, Sébastien Wälchli & Else Marit Inderberg

Paper 2:

Circulating Tumor Cell Persistence Associates with Long-TermClinical Outcome to a Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine inProstate Cancer

Ingrid Jenny Guldvik, Lina Ekseth, Amar U. Kishan, Andreas Stensvold, Else Marit Inderberg and Wolfgang Lilleby