Cancer Epidemiology Research Group

Reza GhiasvandGroup leader
Reza Ghiasvand
Group leader

Cancer epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of cancer risk and prognosis in populations in order to improve primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies. 

Our research is grounded in innovative epidemiological methodologies and statistical approaches to address research questions related to cancer control. Our scope encompasses the entire cancer spectrum – from understanding the causes of cancer to its clinical outcomes and relevance for patients. Our vision is to alleviate the burden of cancer and improve the lives of those impacted by this disease.

Our research covers a diverse range of cancer sites and types, utilizing large-scale national registries, observational studies, clinical data, patients' medical records, and patient-reported outcome measures. We collaborate with national and international organizations and experts across multiple disciplines to achieve our research goals and we are open to new collaborations.

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