Hepatopancreaticobiliary and abdominal transplantation imaging

Trygve SyversveenGroup leader
Trygve Syversveen
Group leader

Group leader: Trygve Syversveen

Each year, approximately 300 kidney, 100 liver and 30 pancreatic organ transplantations are performed at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet. Also, our hospital is a referral center for hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery. The high volumes of transplantations and surgical procedures place the hospital close to the top internationally. The demand and costs for high quality medical imaging and knowledge is skyrocketing. Our expertise involves relevant imaging practice and research. Our research focuses on the use of imaging before and after transplantation and cancer management, including disease detection, treatment selection, treatment planning, and treatment follow-up. Patients are often followed up at regular intervals in our hospital, making our data bases extensive.

Research projects

  • Imaging of complications after organ transplantation
  • Clinical utility of contrast media
  • Optimization of imaging protocols
  • Cancer detection and staging