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Anne Hege AamodtGroup leader
Anne Hege Aamodt
Group leader

The focus of our research group is clinical cerebrovascular and headache research. We have projects on acute stroke diagnostics and treatment, heart and brain, visual impairment in stroke, moyamoya and headache treatments.

Contact information: Anne Hege Aamodt

Meeting in the stroke research group at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience and the Divsion of Medicine: From left Gudrun Høie, Mona-Elisabeth Revheim, Anna Lambert, Kristine Stø, Hege Ihle-Hansen, Hilde Slaatta, Erik Prestgaard, Georgios Vlachos, Karianne Larsen, Dan Atar, Eivind Berge and Erik Eriksen.


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NorHead Advisory Board meeting in Trondheim 17-18th January

The Scientific Advisory Board in NorHead – the Norwegian Centre for Headache Research – met in Trondheim to discuss the new projects. The Board is led by Aamodt and with Prof Hans Chr Diener, Essen, Professor Messoud Ashina from Copenhagen, Professor Simona Sacco from L` Aquila in Italy, Professor Peter Goadsby, London, and Prof. Hedvig Nordeng, Oslo as members. https://www.ntnu.no/norhead


Funding for new RCT in migraine

The Nordic Chronic Migraine Trial of CGRP monoclonal antibody and onabotulinumtoxin A dual therapy – a randomized-controlled double-blind trial (NorMig) – a new RCT led by Aamodt was awarded 9 mill NOK from the South Eastern Health Authority in December 2023



A vision for stroke and vision

In collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology at Oslo University Hospital, the Department of Neurology is involved in several projects on visual impairment in stroke. The randomized placebo-controlled international study with tenecteplase in CRAO – TenCRAOS – led by Aamodt - ongoing in 7 countries is approaching the final inclusion. So far, 61 patients are included. Another key study in this field is the StrokeVIS study is also soon finalizing the inclusions. In this study the nurses are unsing the VISA tool in acute stroke patients assessing visual impairments. These assessments are compared to the gold standard, assessments by orthoptist Anna-Katharina Litzen-Jørstad, from the Department of Ophthalmology. During the project period she has been working at the Department of Neurology two days a week. Both studies are part of Stephen J. Ryan's PhD project.

The first PhD in the NOR-FIB study – dr. Barbara Ratajczak-Tretel

Dr. Barbara Ratajczak-Tretel was created with PhD after the dissertation with dataa from the Nordic atrial fibrillation and stroke (NOR-FIB) study on the 24th November 2023. She has contributed in all phases of this international multicenter study and her thesis “Uncovering underlying aetiologies in cryptogenic stroke: The Nordic Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke (NOR-FIB) Study”, she has focused on long-term follow-up to uncover etiology in patients with cryptogenic cerebral infarction and TIA. After one-year follow-up of the patients in with cryptogenic stroke and TIA in NOR-FIB almost half of the patients had the etiology revealed.  Nearly 30% of the patients had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and cardioembolism as the probable cause.1 in 5 had a different etiology revealed, despite the fact that the etiology was unknown after thorough investigation initially. The NOR-FIB study has been led from the neurology department at OUS by Anne Hege Aamodt, who has also been Barbara's main supervisor. Prof. Dan Atar, Head of Research, Division of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo. Prof. Erik Taubøll was the defense supervisor, Prof. Ana Catarina Fonseca from the University of Lisbon was the first opponent, Prof. Maja-Lisa Løchen from the University of Tromsø was the second opponent and Prof. Bjørnar Hassel was the committee leader.