Laura Valestrand
Position: PhD student, MD
Phone: +47 23 07 08 24

MD University of Oslo, 2013


  • 2015- PhD-student, Norwegian PSC Research Center
  • 2013- 2015 Internship in Medicine, Surgery and General practice, Odda
  • 2012/13/15 Resident Oslo Emergency Room, OUS.

Research interests
Primary sclerosing cholangitis


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Publications 2016

Schrumpf E, Kummen M, Valestrand L, Greiner TU, Holm K, Arulampalam V, Reims HM, Baines J, Bäckhed F, Karlsen TH, Blumberg RS, Hov JR, Melum E (2016)
The gut microbiota contributes to a mouse model of spontaneous bile duct inflammation
J Hepatol, 66 (2), 382-389
PubMed 27720803