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K.A. Taskén
Prostate cancer is the most common male malignancy in Norway and the number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer is rapidly increasing. About one third of the patients receive curative treatment meaning surgery or radiation. However, many patients will experience more problems due to the treatment then the cancer itself. This is a dilemma for the urologists as they can’t tell whether a histological proven tumor will give rise to a clinically significant disease. Thus, over treatment of prostate cancer patients with non-aggressive disease is a major problem both for the patients and the health care system. As more and more patients are offered active monitoring of the disease as treatment option, the need for better markers to identify patients with aggressive disease has increased. Furthermore, the number of drugs available for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer has improved the life time expectancy of patients with aggressive disease. Drug resistance is, however, a problem and validated predictive markers and new drug targets need to be identified. 

The leader of the group is senior scientist Kristin Austlid Taskén (PhD), who also holds a position as professor at the Insitute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital. 

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From left: Viktor Berge, Ingrid J. Guldvik, Peder R. Braadland, Turid Eide, Helene H. Grytli, Kristin A. Taskén, Håkon Ramberg, Heidi K. Nielsen, Åsmund Nybøen. Photo: Per Marius Didriksen (OUH)