Anita Sveen's project group Computational Oncology

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Our goals are (i) to decipher spatio-temporal tumor heterogeneity and its clinical relevance in solid cancers; and (ii) to model and predict response and resistance to cancer treatments.

Our strategies are (i) multi-level molecular profiling of multiple tissue samples from primary and metastatic tumors, including at the single-cell level; and (ii) integration with drug sensitivity data from pharmacological screens of personal tumor organoid models and cancer cell lines.

We have a particular interest in colorectal cancer, and are responsible for genomics, transcriptomics and pharmacogenomics in a translational research program.

We take pride in innovative approaches to address the challenge of tumor heterogeneity and making sense of complex data in the development of cancer treatment strategies.

Group members have background in molecular biology and bioinformatics. We emphasize interdisciplinary approaches and competences. We work closely with cell biologists and researchers of several medical professions (oncology, surgery, pathology and radiology).

Selected research output