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Welcome to the research group led by Mouldy Sioud: Immunomodulation and Targeted Therapies

Mouldy Sioud

Group leader:  Mouldy Sioud, DEA Pharm, PhD, Dr Philos

Today, the majority of cancers cannot be cured by standard chemotherapy despite the discovery of very effective molecules, primarily as a result of the indiscriminative distribution of the chemotherapeutic agents throughout the body and the lack of site-specific delivery. Moreover, recent studies have shown that immunosuppressive mechanisms in the immune system and tumor microenvironment play a critical role in cancer progression and the efficacy of immunotherapies. Hence, some necessary steps need to be taken to improve the selectivity and overcome the immunosuppressive mechanisms by moving towards novel targeting strategies and therapies.

The purpose of our work is to address some of these challenges by focusing on the following tree sub-projects:

  1. Reprogramming immune cell function via RNA interference technology
  2. Engineering new targeted therapeutics and vaccine formulations
  3. Understanding tumor microenvironments and gene regulation by RNA


Dersom bremsene i immunsystemet fjernes kan kreft kureres (10.02.2017)

Book on RNA Interference edited by Mouldy Sioud (14.11.2014)

Key publications

Contact information:
Department of Immunology, Institute for Cancer Research
The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Montebello, N-0310 Oslo, Norway
Telephone (047) 22 78 14 14 (Sioud) Email: