Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse

Hilde Erøy EdvardsenGroup leader
Hilde Erøy Edvardsen
Group leader

Abuse of alcohol and other substances increases the chance of contracting illnesses, getting hurt, and dying. Alcohol and drugs frequently play a big role in how forensic medical cases turn out and have far-reaching effects on both the individual and society.

Our aims are to create and enhance analytical techniques for both illegal and legal substances, as well as biological markers in various matrices, and to increase understanding of their modes of action, impacts, and relationship to drug-related fatalities. The information is used to understand cases, promote the rule of law generally, avoid drug-related injuries, overdoses, and fatalities, and provide scientific support for proposed laws.

Contact information
Group Leader Hilde Marie Erøy Edvardsen, Section for Drug Abuse Research, Department of Forensic Medicine, Tel: +47 230 13046,  E-mail: