PET imaging regional core facility (PET-RCF)

At OUS, three clinical PET/CT scanners are available for clinical studies. The facility is located at three sites (Radium Hospital, Ullevål and Rikshospitalet) within the Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, and provides the framework needed to conduct high-quality PET research. This includes support on study design, post-processing, interpretation and data analyses.

From Q3/4 2023, the PET-RCT will also host a preclinical PET/MRI facility. The preclinical PET/MRI facility will be located at the Department of Comparative Medicine, RH, and hold a state-of-art PET/MRI preclinical scanner funded primarily by the Norwegian Research Counsil on national research infrastructure. For preclinical PET research, a PET/CT is available in collaboration with IMB, UiO.

Details about the PET instrumentation and facilities in the PET-RCF are given in the Instrumentation section. Radiopharmaceuticals are available either through in-house production or via our close collaboration with the Norwegian Cyclotron Center (NMS) AS.

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