Special seminar by Prof. Ian Duncan, University of Wisconsin-Madison

10 October 2013

Prof. Ian Duncan

Prof. Ian Duncan 
Department of Medical Sciences
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday October 10, 1400-1600
Seminar room L201, Domus Medica (new building)

Title: Can promoting remyelination in MS become a clinical reality?

Professor Duncan has been a prominent figure in the study of myelin and demyelinating diseases for many years, with a particular interest in the development of myelin in the CNS and how myelin is targeted in acquired disorders of the CNS such as MS. To explore both development and disease of myelin, he uses a variety of models, including animals with mutations in myelin genes, to study the genetic control of myelin formation and maintenance and myelin repair.

He is especially interested in cells that could be transplanted into the CNS to repair areas affected by myelin disease.

The seminar is scheduled for 2 hours as Prof. Duncan will first give his presentation (roughly one hour) and then show a documentary film he has made about training by MS patients - featuring Norwegian MS patients who have trained for and completed the Birkebeiner ski race.

Sponsored by the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research

All are welcome!

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