Sarah Roxana Herlofsen: Trial lecture and PhD defense

24 September 2013

Sarah Roxana Herlofsen (Brinchmann lab) holds trial lecture and defends PhD thesis:

Trial lecture  
Tuesday, September 24, 09:15
Store auditorium, Domus Odontologica

Title: "Stem cells and their clinical potentials."

PhD defense  
Tuesday, September 24, 12:15
Store auditorium, Domus Odontologica

Title: "Tissue engineering of hyaline cartilage. Genome-wide investigation of molecular mechanisms during in vitro chondrogenesis."

To congratulate Sarah Roxana Herlofsen on her thesis defense Tuesday, September 24, we would like to invite everyone from the Center to attend a celebratory gathering on the second floor of Domus Medica after the defense around 15:00!

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