Guest lecture - Interrogating disease and development with human pluripotent stem cells

8 February 2012

Interrogating disease and development with human pluripotent stem cells

by Dr. Stephen Sullivan, University of California, San Diego

Wednesday February 8 at 1300, Seminar room 2183, Nutrition, Domus Medica

A short biography of Dr. Stephen Sullivan:
Dr. Stephen Sullivan earned his Ph.D. at the Roslin Institute (Edinburgh) under Professors Jim McWhir and Ian Wilmut, two of the scientists responsible for cloning Dolly the sheep. His research focused on how human embryonic stem cells could restore developmental potential to human somatic cells after cell fusion.  Dr. Sullivan then moved to Professor Azim Surani's laboratory at the University of Cambridge where he received a Newton Trust fellowship, to study naturally occurring epigenetic reprogramming in primordial germ cells.  Subsequently Dr. Sullivan was a research fellow at Harvard University in Kevin Eggan's laboratory studying nuclear reprogramming mechanisms. He continued this work in Trinity College Dublin utilising human pluripotent stem cells to enable drug screening and disease modeling. He was chief editor of 'Human Embryonic Stem Cells - The Practical Handbook' published by Wiley.  Dr. Sullivan is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and associate editor of the scientific journal 'Differentiation'. He is presently located at the University of California, San Diego.

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