Report from the 8th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Meeting

The 8th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Meeting was held at Losby Gods on October 17-18. 95 participants attended, and heard a program featuring 26 lectures and short research presentations, including keynote and guest lectures by Rolf Bjerkvig (Bergen), Peter Andrews (UK), Colin Bishop (USA), Barbara Stecca (Italy), Herwig Schüler (Sweden), and Massimo Pasqualetti (Italy).

Five themes were represented covering a broad segment of current stem cell research in Norway and internationally: Pluripotency (hES and hiPS cells), Stem Cell Signaling, Cancer Stem Cells, Translational Efforts using Ocular and Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and Making Neurons.

A feature article about the meeting (in Norwegian) has been published on the Norwegian Research Council Stem Cell Program website - see the article here

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