Guest lecture by Professor Peter Dirks, University of Toronto

25 May 2011

Brain Tumor Stem Cells: Unique Neural Stem Cell Pathways and the Drivers of the Neoplastic Phenotype.

During recent years it has become increasingly evident that th growth of many cancers is driven by a population of cancer stem cells.

Professor  Peter Dirks, at the University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, is head of one of the two groups that were first to isolate stem cells from a solid tumor in 2003. Following this dr Dirks has been a global front figure in cancer stem cell research.

Time:  15:15

Place: Green Auditorium 1 (RH B1. U013), Rikshospitalet (from main entrance keep right and go to the basement level).

Immediately following Peter Dirk's lecture, at 16:15, cand med Einar O. Vik-Mo will give the trial lecture Tumor initiating cells in CNS tumors as a part of his Ph.D. thesis defense. Supervisor: Iver A Langmoen, Professor of Neurosurgery.

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