23 November 2010, Special Seminar on How to promote functional repair in Multiple Sclerosis, Prof. Ian Duncan, University of Wisconsin Madison

Special Seminar
sponsored by the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research

Professor Ian Duncan
University of Wisconsin Madison
Departement of Medical Sciences
School of Veterinary Medicine


November 23, 14:00
Store Auditorium, Domus Medica (between Rikshospitalet and Ringveien)

Ian Duncan's principal research area is myelin. Myelin is the insulator of axons and is essential for normal impulse transmission in the nervous system. Duncan studies both the development of myelin in the central nervous system an how myelin is targeted in acquired disorders of the central nervous system, in particular in multiple sclerosis. He uses a variety of models to explore development and disease of myelin, including animals with mutations in myelin genes to study the genetic control of myelin formation and myelin maintenance and repair. He is especially interested in cells that could be transplanted into the central nervous system to repair areas of myelin disease, and has made important advances towards the generation of human stem cell-derived oligodendrocytes for this purpose.

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