National Core Facility Available Services


 COSTS (VAT incl.)

 Use of culture facility

 free, booking required
 Use of virus lab  free, booking required
 Quarantine cell culturing prior
 to mycoplasma testing
 free, booking required
 Use of confocal microscope  50 kr / hour, booking required
 Human Feeders (irradiated)  10 kr / 35mm dish
 hES / iPS cell cultivation  negotiable based on volume (cost of culture
 media & reagents only)
 iPS cell generation A-Z
     - banked fibroblast line from skin biopsy
     - reprogrammed iPS cell line + CTL (retrovirus)
     - reprogrammed iPS cell line + CTL (Sendai virus)


   1 000 kr / biopsy
 14 500 kr / line
 21 000 kr / line


     - hES cell medium

 1000 kr / 500ml

 Mycoplasma detection in cell culture media  150 kr / test
 Cultivation of user provided ES and iPS cells
 (incl. thawing, banking)
 negotiable based on volume (cost of culture
 media & reagents only)

 Differentiation via EB to 3 germlayers

 1000 kr 

 Flow cytometry
      - Cell analysis
      - DNA analysis
      - FACSorting

  25 kr / sample
  60 kr / sample
  200 kr / hour


 Immunostaining of differentiated ES and iPS cells

 negotiable based on volume
 (cost of antibodies only)

 Real Time PCR

 40 kr / plate (excluding pipetting & materials)

 DNA fingerprinting

 pending SOP approval

 Use of Variable Oxygen Cell Culture Unit (Biospherix)

         - Gas supply (user dependent)


500 kr / 50l nitrogen gas
250 kr / day
1000 kr / week
3500 kr / month