About our research:

Oslo Myeloma Center is the largest center for clinical myeloma research in the Nordics.

In 2018, 98 patients were enrolled in eight clinical studies, in young and elderly, in newly diagnosed and in patients with one or multiple relapses, and in both phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 studies.

We collaborate with basal and translational research groups, especially with the KG Jebsen center for B cell malignancies at our hospital, with projects in drug-sensitivity screening, pathophysiology and immune therapy. In addition, we have a myeloma registry with both prospective and retrospective data. 

From left, behind: Ann Merete Arntsen, Ulla Madsen, Sylvia Rognli
From left, middle row: Ann Døli, Liv Sigrun Eide, Ingvild Walnum, Ann-Kristin Mitchell, Hilde Fiskvik, Ann-Kristin Kvam, Kristin Hulbekkmo Låstad, Jakob Nordberg Nørgaard, Nora Remen
From left, front row: Devi Ratnaiyah, Sara Eliasi, Esther Romero Morilla, Anna Lysén, Fredrik Schjesvold, Nina Gulbrandsen, Julia Morenda Rosenlund, Iatimad Timet Oulkadi, Larisa Myrseth, Hanne Lyche