Midterm self-evaluation

Midterm self-evaluation - published 17/2-2014 (click to download pdf document)

Final report - published 22/3-2016, uploaded 25/1-2024 (click to download pdf document)

K.G. Jebsen Centre for Breast Cancer Research

Vision: Towards personalized therapy for breast cancer; integrated molecular and epidemiological studies of breast cancer to reduce risk, improve prognosis, and tailor the treatment.

K G Jebsen center leader group photo

Molecular group: Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, director, OUS, UiO; Vessela N. Kristensen, deputy director, UiO,  Ahus, OUS

Clinical group: Ellen Schlichting, Rolf Kåresen (Surgery), OUS, Torill Sauer,  Elin Borgen, Hege G Russnes (Pathology), OUS, Erik Wist, Olav Engebråten,  Bjørn Naume (Oncology), OUS

Micrometastasis group: Bjørn Naume, Øystein Fodstad , OUS

Model system group: Gunnhild M. Mælandsmo,  Ø. Fodstad, OUS

Metabolic profiling group: T. Bathen, I. Gribbestad (passed away April 2013),   NTNU

Bioinformatics/Biostatistics group: Ole Christian Lingjærde, UiO

Available positions - About the centre - Om senteret (på norsk)

Overall aims

The overall aim of the research Center is to open up for stronger collaboration between its clinical and basic scientists, and to motivate exchange of ideas on how to best utilize the huge collection of patient materials and data generated for the benefit of the patients. By such synergism we have been able to explore genes/pathways/networks involved in basic processes like cell cycle, DNA repair, apoptosis, and immune response and their impact on breast cancer (BC) development, progression and response to therapy. By performing longitudinal studies of samples at different stages of the disease and characterize such patient materials in full molecular details, we are moving towards a more individual treatment protocols.

Oslo Breast Cancer Research Consortium (OSBREAC)

The OSBREAC consists of the following key members:


Chair: Kristine Kleivi Sahlberg (PhD), Vestre Viken Hospital Trust

Tone F Bathen (PhD), Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Elin Borgen (PhD, MD) Oslo University Hospital

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale (PhD), Oslo University Hospital

Olav Engebråten (PhD, MD),Oslo University Hospital

Britt Fritzman (MD), Østfold Hospital

Øystein Garred (PhD, MD), Oslo University Hospital

Jürgen Geisler (PhD, MD) Akershus University Hospital

Gry Aarum Geitvik, Oslo University Hospital

Solveig Hofvind (PhD),Cancer Registry of Norway

Vessela N Kristensen (PhD), Akershus University Hospital

Rolf Kåresen (PhD, MD),Oslo University Hospital

Anita Langerød (PhD),Oslo University Hospital

Ole Christian Lingjærde (PhD), University of Oslo

Gunhild Mari Mælandsmo (PhD), Oslo University Hospital

Bjørn Naume (PhD, MD), Oslo University Hospital

Hege G Russnes (PhD, MD),Oslo University Hospital

Torill Sauer (PhD, MD),Akershus University Hospital

Helle Kristine Skjerven (MD), Vestre Viken Hospital Trust

Ellen Schlichting (PhD, MD), Oslo University Hospital

Therese Sørlie (PhD),Oslo University Hospital