Inflammatory bowel disease research group

Marte Lie HøivikGroup leader
Marte Lie Høivik
Group leader

Our main focus is clinical epidemiology, biomarkers, prognostic research and patient-reported outcomes research within IBD (inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis). We work with clinical quality registries and clinical effectiveness research, as well as registry and health economics research focusing on the introduction of new biological drugs in clinical practice locally, regionally and nationally.

Ongoing projects:

IBSEN III (Inflammatory Bowel Disease in South Eastern Norway III)

IBSEN Inflammatory bowel Disease in South Eastern Norway  

Rheumatological manifestations in long-term IBD (PhD project Alvilde Ossum)

Serological biomarkers in IBD

Socioeconomic impacts of IBD (PhD project Charlotte Lund)

New biologicals in IBD (PhD project Lydia Buer)

TRIN (Treatment patterns and regional differences in IBD in Norway) (PhD project Sandre Lirhus)

NORDTREAT - The Nordic IBD Treatment Strategy Trial recently received 30 million NOK funding from NORDSFORSK. The Department of Gastroenterology OUS and the Institute of Clinical Medicine UiO are Norwegian partners in this Project.
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