Uro-oncology research group (prostate-bladder- kidney- penile cancer)

Wolfgang Lilleby, Group leader
Wolfgang Lilleby, Group leader

Our group has a major focus on patient involvement covering clinical research in uro-oncology. We aim to contribute with intriguing cutting-edge research from diagnostic to treatment of patients with prostate-bladder-kidney and penile cancer. Our group wishes to collaborate with academy but also industrial partners in the future. In addition, translational projects will be strongly considered. Research from our group shall reflect the potential of the Radiumhospital inside radiation, system therapy and overlapping to surgical intervention. We prioritize a multidisciplinary approach and integrate tumor diagnostics with modern imaging (MRI, PET, ultrasound) and molecular biology.

Our research group is supervising several PhD-candidates with study projects in prostate and bladder cancer:
Christina Tanem Møller, Trudde Wedde, Una Ryg, Ingrid Jenny Guldvik

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