Research projects

  • Developing immunoassays for human epidermal growth factor receptors 2, 3 and 4 and evaluating these receptors as tumour markers for HER2 positive breast cancer.
  • Developing assays for measuring different monoclonal antibodies used in the treatment of patients with autoimmune diseases. A collaboration study with the Department of Pharmacology and clinicians at Rikshospitalet and Diakonhjemmet.
  • Late effects after testicular cancer; thyroid and kidney function, in collaboration with National Advisory Unit on Late Effects after Cancer Treatment.
  • Establishing reference intervals for human chorionicgonadotropin (hCG). 
  • Two dimensional chromatography combined with mass spectrometry is used to identify and quantitative tumour markers in collaboration with Dep. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UiO.
  • Part of the collaboration study “Hallmarks in lung cancer”; validating different markers for potential development of assays clinically useful in daily practice.
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