Alcohol, drugs and traffic safety

Alcohol or drug impairment is one of the main contributing causes of road traffic crashes (RTCs). The effect of alcohol impairment on the crash risk has been well documented during the last 100 years, whereas documentation studies on the effect of drug impairment on the crash risk have been performed mostly during the last couple of decades, and still much needs to be better documented.

The Department of Forensic Sciences at Oslo University Hospital analyzes all blood samples taken by the police in cases of suspected driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. In addition, the department analyses more than 90% of samples taken from drivers killed in road traffic crashes. Expert reports assessing possible impairment are prepared by employees of the Department. In order to better understand the prevalence of alcohol and drug use among drivers, as well as the associated crash risk, several research projects on alcohol, drugs and traffic safety have been performed.

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Ongoing projects

The prevalence of alcohol and drug use among drivers killed in road traffic crashes

Trends in use of alcohol and drugs among car drivers and motorcycle riders killed in RTCs during 2001-2020 are studied. Data are collected by coupling data from the following registries: the forensic toxicology databases of Oslo University and St. Olav’s Hospital, the Traffic Accident Registry of Statistics Norway, and the Crash Investigation Team Database operated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Also, associations between alcohol/drug impairment, driver-related risk factors, and crash characteristics are investigated.

The prevalence of alcohol and drug use among seriously injured road users admitted to emergency departments

A study performed in 2007-8 at Ullevål Hospital (Oslo) found that about 20% of injured drivers tested positive for alcohol or drugs. A larger, national study is being performed as part of the IDART project, where 35 emergency departments are involved. We are also collaborating on similar studies in Brazil, Malawi, and Cameroon.

Rearrests and fatalities among convicted drink and drug drivers

A registry based study is performed to determine the re-arrest and mortality rates of drivers sentenced to prison for DUI.

Previous projects

  • Use of alcohol among injured road users in Malawi
  • Analysis of oral fluid to detect drug use and impairment among drivers
  • Association between alcohol and drug use and sensation seeking behavior or self-reported speeding tickets and crash involvement and among drivers
  • Trends in drug use among drivers arrested for drug-impaired driving
  • Crash-risk associated with use of different drugs
  • Use of alcohol and drugs among drivers in random road traffic
    • Drivers in South-Eastern Norway (2005-6)
    • Drivers in 13 European Countries (2007-9)
    • Truck drivers in Norway (2008-9)
    • Truck drivers in Brazil (2008-16)
    • Drivers in the arctic counties of Finnmark (Norway) and Murmansk (Russia) (2014-16)
    • Drivers in South-Eastern Norway (2016-17)
    • Drivers in Cameroon (2020)

Project members

  • Hallvard Gjerde (Senior Scientist, PhD)
  • Stig Tore Bogstrand (Professor, Head of Research, PhD)
  • Ragnhild Jamt (Post doc., PhD )
  • Benedicte Jørgenrud (Coordinator, MSc)

Past members

  • Håvard Furuhaugen (Laboratory Engineer, MSc)
  • Vigdis Vindenes (Section Manager, PhD)
  • Anja Valen (PhD student 2016-2021)


  • Jan Ramaekers (Professor), Department of Psychology, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Vilma Leyton (Professor), Department of Legal Medicine, Ethics and Occupational Health, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Flavio Pechansky (Professor), Research Center for Alcohol and Drugs, University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Asbjørg S. Christophersen (Professor Emer.), Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo
  • Jørg Mørland (Professor Emer.), Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo
  • Tara Kelley-Baker (Chief), Impaired Driving Division, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA
  • Live Tanum Pasnin, Norwegian National Road Policing Service, Stavern, Norway


About 50 peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals since 2010.

A selection of 10 recently published articles:

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